For Real FM radio show is a unique experience that presents the magic of Rastamouse in an engaging and interactive series of audio adventures.

Mouseland’s very own pirate DJ brings her crucial radio show ‘For Real FM’ to CBeebies Radio in a series of cool broadcasts offering listeners an entertaining insight into the life of Rastamouse and friends.

Hosted by Lil’ Patch, live and direct from Da Jammin’ Dodger, For Real FM is jam packed with a boombastic selection of ‘irie’ tunes, some slick story-telling and the coolest entertainment to keep little ones busy.

Listen up you groovin’ jammers! Lil’ Patch is takin’ over da airwaves…

Instalments contain energetic segments such as crucial songs to sing-along to, baking time with the orphanage chef Bandulu, wicked character interviews, Mouseland news and ‘phone-in’ competitions. Whilst maintaining the flavour and style of the Rastamouse television show ‘For Real FM’ provides new ways for the audience to interact and bond with regular characters.

In tune with the contemporary story-telling associated with the Rastamouse series, For Real FM continues the theme and legend of “makin’ a bad ting good”. Reflecting the importance of audio only content for both the mainstream audience and also those with special needs.

All 20 x 10 minute episodes of For Real FM is available as downloads and streaming via BBC websites, via their radio applications and also via a partnership with Amazon owned Audible.

A specially commissioned hour-long radio adventure the ‘Rastamouse: Da Big Carnival’ was commissioned by Audible to celebrate the unique partnership between the Rastamouse team and Audible.


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Rastamouse Presents | Da Big Carnival