Produced by Greg Boardman and Eugenio Perez, for rights holder Five Apples Limited, Apple Tree House is a scripted live-action and mixed media television series aimed at the older preschool audience, catering and appealing to their sense of fun, curiosity and adventure. The show shares valuable life lessons in responsibility, kindness and “being a good friend”.

The series is a reflection of the show’s creators childhood and “breaks out” to create fresh and current drama for a pre-school audience and beyond.

Whilst the characters are ordinary, and have ordinary families, they live in an extra-ordinary place.

Apple Tree House was created by Akindele Akinsiku, Maria Timotheou and William Vanderpuye. It is inspired by reflections on their own childhoods.

The aim was to produce a fun show centred around a place of community, friendship and good neighbourliness. It is a place that existed in the shows creators early lives and provided the nurturing environment that supported them to navigate life without social or class boundaries.

Apple Tree House is rooted in this reality and represents the ideal of a contemporary, inclusive, urban and safe environment. It has well-maintained homes, with play areas for residents of all ages to meet and spend time together. The locals are proud of their homes and community. It’s a place where any child could aspire to live.

Apple Tree House is a community bursting with interesting and colourful characters of all ages who bring interesting life stories that inspire kids with wonder and wisdom, providing a daily source of inspiration and a guiding light for our young characters. They all share the same interests and enthusiasm for life, which we explore through the eyes of our young lead actors.

The show’s creators knew these characters when growing up. They are real, may have differing beliefs and life experiences but they are all brought together by their shared values and are seen every day, in our contemporary communities.

A vital part of the exploration process uses music. The all-important animation illustrates and emphasizes the kid’s point of view and thinking processes with beautiful mixed media sequences that are not only fun but also informative. Stories, myths, legends and scientific concepts are all explored through these children focused animated sequences.

Theme Song

Series 1: First Look