16th September 2017 Three Stones Media

Three Stones Media is delighted to have assisted the The Rastamouse Rocksteady Reggae School, to launch the Rastamouse music app.

Three Stones are delighted to have assisted The Rastamouse Rocksteady Reggae School in the launch of its new app, ‘Rastamouse: Da Missing Riddim’.

Drawing inspiration from the stories of Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster and incorporating the uplifting music of Andrew Kingslow; the Rocksteady Reggae School music project provides a thoroughly cross-curricular experience to excite and engage young minds.

Featuring the voices of the incredible Rastamouse cast, ‘Rastamouse: Da Missing Riddim’ is a fun and educational experience that brings the magic of Rastamouse to your home in a cool new way!

Rastamouse is an award-winning British preschool television that has a positive message for young children, promoting the need to understand what is right from what is wrong, and why, in a meaningful context. Through understanding and love, Rastamouse will always “make a bad ting good!”

Join Da Easy Crew on a mission to find Mouseland’s missing riddims. Dance and ride reggae rhythms in a fun and educational way, then mix the tunes on the DJ decks!

“Bust a move”

Dance with Da Easy Crew on the Mousetival stage. Keep up with the riddim and earn your highest score!

“Ride da Riddim”

Skate through Mouseland with Da Easy Crew. Play each band member’s instrument to find that missing riddim; unlock a wicked tune that Da Easy Crew can skate and jam together on!

“Spin da Riddim”

Spin those crucial sounds of Da Easy Crew you unlocked, and mix them on Scratchy’s boombastic DJ decks!

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